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About Green Lake

A Brief Natural History of Green Lake

The Ho-Chunk Native Americans called it Daycholah. Early French explorers referred to it as Lac Verde. By 1840, when the first permanent European settlement appeared, it was named Green Lake.

This magnificent body of water was formed about 12,000 years ago when glacial moraines on the west end of the valley dammed an ancient pre-glacial river valley. Silver Creek is Green Lake's main tributary, while eight lesser streams also flow into the lake. The Puchyan River is Green Lake's outlet — it empties into the Fox River, which drains northeasterly into Lake Michigan's Green Bay.

Green Lake and its surrounding lands are home to a productive fishery, abundant wildlife, and the people who are fortunate to live in the region. The Conservancy is working hard to ensure it stays that way.


Green Lake Facts

Greatest depth.....237 feet

Average depth.....100 feet

Surface area.....7,346 acres

Length.....7.3 miles

Width.....2 miles

Shoreline.....27.3 miles

Watershed area.....68,676 acres

Hydraulic retention time.....19 years