Camp Grow Property Preservation Update

There has been a tremendous outpouring of support to help us preserve the Camp Grow Property and we are proud to announce that—short of clearing a few last administrative hurdles—we plan to close on the sale before end of June!



 Why Conserve Your Land?

Across America, thousands of people are determined to conserve the places they value.  Landowners have a deep connection to their land and know the gifts undeveloped properties provide their communities:  clean air and water, fresh food, wildlife habitat, and sheer scenic beauty.

All-too-often these special places disappear forever because of development. Every day, over 5,000 acres of land are developed in the U.S.

 Many landowners are taking a stand to safeguard the places they love— productive farms, ranch land, forests, wetlands, coastlines— for their family and for future generations.

If you’re a landowner looking to preserve your property, learn more today.

Investing in Green Lake's
Natural Capital

How much would you pay for a breath of fresh air?  Clean groundwater?  Fertile croplands?  A healthy lake?  How much is this “natural capital” worth to you and me?  As it turns out, quite a bit.


Estimates indicate that worldwide Nature’s ecosystem services are valued over 44 trillion dollars annually!


As a 501(c)3 non-profit, the Green Lake Conservancy invests in natural capital by offering watershed protection through acquisition, gift, or conservation easement.  Lands that have been placed in trust and which support forests and prairies, wetlands and shorelands are now protected forever.  


 After nearly two decades of land trust service, the Green Lake Conservancy continues to hold steadfast, protecting land and waters in and around the Green Lake watershed.  


Help us preserve those special places.  Consider making a generous donation to the Green Lake Conservancy.



Top Ten Reasons
To Be a Friend of the Conservancy

Because the Conservancy...

  1. Preserves and protects special places for future generations
  2. Serves as a strategic lake partner
  3. Protects shorelands and water resources
  4. Promotes environmental sustainability
  5. Invests in natural capital and ecosystem services
  6. Contributes to the local lake economy
  7. Assists landowners in preserving their lands
  8. Is the only local land trust in the Green Lake area
  9. Is working toward land trust national accreditation
  10. Provides public access to lands for recreation and enjoyment

“To keep every cog and wheel is the first precaution of intelligent tinkering.”

Aldo Leopold